Why Is Gun Control Important

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Handguns or assault rifles it does not matter these horrid machines are only useful in taking the lives and killing many innocent people. Any compassionate human being will see we should value human life over the privilege of owning a gun because of the people who kill without justification. As we start to see a increase in private gun ownership only then will the correlation and rate in which guns are used for crimes actually skyrocket. Guns are designed to kill, you can say there for protection and other safety reasons but even when performing the task there made for your risking not only your life but the potential lives of others. Guns are killing machines and it's a undeniable fact with the right mentality we have seen some heinous crimes performed. When you way out the pros and cons of gun safety and ownership you're putting a lot of trust into …show more content…
We see many crimes committed because of a person's ability to kill without justification. This is a big reason why i'm pro gun control you really don't know the thought process and what goes on in the mind of every single human being. How they would react and process the idea of killing a innocent human being. Do they really see human life as that valuable as we see interview to interview of people who do mass shootings. We notice a similarity of one thing the way they value the lives of other people. There is many things where if you are not in the right mindset or something happened as dramatic as making you perform such a horrendous act is where i deem guns unsafe to the general public with this thought process. Giving people guns and making it fairly easy to obtain a firearm not only raises the chances of some type of mass crime but people with the wrong intentions of using a firearm can obtain one without much struggle and do whatever task they attended to do with this killing