Why Is Gun Control Necessary

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Gun Control can be harmful and useful in many different ways based on different perspectives. There has been unnecessary gun use in places that contain children and adults, and specifically, now, there have been many numbers of gun use. Gun control can be harmful or useful in many different ways based on the perspective it is seen in. Not everyone, but many people use the guns for a bad purpose. The public does not like this issue and would like the conflicts to stop. Other states and citizens have a 50/50 split between enforcing gun control and leaving it how it is.
Gun control is the first option to stopping unnecessary gun use. Many people have experienced or read about the mass shootings and are angry about the situation. These same people
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Everyone is affected by this issue, whether they own a gun or not, because it is a matter of safety. People that do not support gun control do not support it because they may not have much money and have to resort to hunting to provide food for their families. This is why some people have guns, it is not for self-harm or to harm others, but simply to provide food for their families, or sell the meat and earn money. Others that do not support gun control do not support it because they believed that guns are meant for self-defense. They believe that if there is harm about to be done, they are ready and armed to fight back. The same debate in 2013 had a poll for “allowing teachers and officials to be allowed to have guns in and during school,”(Agency Graphics, last graph). Many voted against the poll and very little people voted for it. The reason the majority of the voters voted against the poll is because they felt that it is dangerous to have many guns in the presence of thousands of kids. Somehow the gun could go off at any time and could result in major injuries or even