Why Is Hippocampus Important

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Hippocampus: Brain Functions God the Creator , made us with a specific purpose in mind so that even single part of the body is designed to work together and help us to live. The hippocampus is a part of the brain which is right by the temporal lobe. It’s functions include many of the daily life necessities like remembering important test information or the cherished childhood memories. The hippocampus is affected mostly when people have a mental illness and is very fragile. The slightest wrong movement in brain surgery can alter the hippocampus and cause their memory to be forever disabled. The hippocampus in summation is important for it causes the human body to use memory, regulate mental health, and maintain estrogen levels. The hippocampus is an essential part of your memory usage. It is very necessary to make new memories and to reminisce in the old ones. If the hippocampus was not functioning properly the person would be stuck in the past, unable to live in the present. Memory is a key part to have a high quality of life. Without the hippocampus, fond memories of childhood and informational knowledge would be nonexistent (Phelps n.p.). Scientists were unable to observe …show more content…
Mental diseases like Schizophrenia and Alzheimers are becoming more and more common. In cases with mental diseases it appears that the hippocampus shrinks, showing that it is a key part in regulating mental health. However, the brain shrinkage may be able to be reversed or prevented with new technologies (Phelps n.p.). The hippocampus is a very important part of the body and can even impact social habits. When in surgery sometimes they have to alter the hippocampus to try and cure epilepsy. That is the part of the brain in which the seizures occur. Also if there are complications during the surgery it can leave the patient discombobulated (Anand 2). Mental health causes the hippocampus to be essential and adds to the quality of