Why Is It Important To Learn After High School Essay

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To me the whole school system has never really made sense to me. Like why are we in school so many years , why do we wake up so early every day and receive such short breaks. Honestly most of the things that we have to learn after middle school is very useless. I have never used any of the things I have learned in school outside of school in my whole entire highschool career. The problem is we are in school so much we barely have time to live our lives and learn what life is really like for ourselves. Some people have to get jobs to support themselves and/or their families but it’s kind of hard balancing school , work and sleep. If we had longer summers teens could work all summer and save up so they don't have to work as much when the school year comes around.
We are usually in school from September 6th until June 6th which is a long time but not that bad. 3 months of summer is a nice break because it gives you a good enough time to travel and also sometime to sit back and relax. Summer doesn’t only give us happiness it gives our brain sometime to rest and us a stress free vacation. This year that all changed , We got out of school June 16th and we go back August 22nd. That is 68 days compared to our usual 93 days that we get off. How did we jump from 93 days till 68
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School really is one of the reasons a lot of people get stressed out because we have so many classes and so much to do in a short time span depending on the class or the teacher. A lot of students stay up all night thinking about their grades and what they are going to have to do in order to graduate. Some students over work themselves and become overwhelmed with the work loads and don't know how to deal with it . I've had friends who have had actually anxiety attacks over test , essays , quizzes … etc. It’s very unhealthy to live that way and to feel that much pressure all from