Why Is It Important To Meet Your Classmates

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Why is It Important to Meet Your Classmates?
Monica Moorman
Brenau University

Discussion Question 3
After taking the survey for “Attitudes Towards Team Work” the survey revealed that I prefer task behavior slightly more than I do social. I feel that task is very important because it’s sharing information, giving advice and explaining how to complete a task (Levi, 2014). I also believe that social behavior is very important because according to Levi (2014) “social behaviors focus on the social and emotional needs of the group members and help maintain social relation among them” (p.71). With these two behaviors the team will be more efficient and supportive of each other to complete their tasks.
When dealing with a team member who has a negative attitude toward teamwork, I would first ask why he or she is very negative toward the team. Because the problem could be that he or she may not understand their role and this could cause a negative attitude for the team member. I would never single out a negative team member, I would try to have a one on one and always be positive toward my team member. By providing equal amounts of positive and negative feedback, I would let he or she know that I appreciate the passion that he or she has but their negative attitude can sometime halt the team progress. Hopefully after the team member is aware of their attitude he or she will fix the negativity.
The relationship between social and task aspects of teamwork is that you must work as a