Why Is Lincoln's Assassination Wrong

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Being that Abraham Lincoln reigned in the 19th century, he faced many racially charged issues. With the obstacle of slavery and a potential permanent succession by the Confederates, Lincoln had numerous difficulties. He also faced the complication of assassinations. Unfortunately, this problem was resolved with his killing. It is believed that Lincoln's death was righteous, but it is thought that the act was unjustified. Based on the rigorous research conducted, it was concluded that Abraham Lincoln’s assassination was an unwarranted act because he assisted in preserving the states and abolishing slavery, however, some suppose he manipulated the law to his will.

Initially, the most obvious and well-known reasoning behind the unjustification of Lincoln’s assassination was the abolishment of slavery. It is acknowledged that the Emancipation Proclamation didn’t immediately release
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At this point in history, tensions were high between the Northern and Southern states. It was thought that war and succession were the solutions to ending the feud. Although Lincoln couldn’t assist a great deal in the succession, he played a major role in reserving the unification of the states. According to Brett F. Woods, Lincoln was a strategic commander in chief. He made decisions based on his presumptions of the greater good. He often discussed his war plans with other generals (Lincoln and Wood 13). Also, when introducing the idea of liberating slaves, he made other forms of the Emancipation Proclamation to, if need be, accommodate the demands of the states who, completely, disagreed with the executive order(Guelzo 128). The creation of the alternative forms insists that reaching a mutual ground in order to please the states was an act of caring for unifying his country. The careful analyzation of ideas and nationwide problems aided him in providing solutions or, at least,