Why Is Premarital Sex Is Morally Wrong

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Premarital Sex is Morally Wrong

Premarital sex is having sexual intercourse with your partner before marriage, there are cases that also Married couple engage in sex outside of their marriage and it is called Extra-Marital sex. In this paper we will try to dig on problems that may occur when we engage in premarital sex and the effects of it in our body that according to Aquinas we should preserve our bodies (Threefold natural inclination of the human person – Thomas Aquinas) because we only borrowed our body and soul from our Heavenly Father (Principle of inviolabilty of life – T. Aquinas). Also we’re trying to look for factors that make people engage in premarital sex, is it for
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According to Lawrence Finer, Young adults have an especially need for accurate information about how to protect themselves against unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections (L. Finer, 2007). So this paper may help some teens and adults that engages in premarital sex in our generation in terms of health, EQ and other problems they’re facing and those who haven’t engaged in premarital sex to help them avoid as much as possible having sex before marriage.
Premarital sex often end up having unwanted child and bearing a child for nine months is not expected and most women who got pregnant at early age tend to abort babies which is according to Thomas Aquinas each and every one of us has a right of our own, and the babies aborted also has the right to be born and they has the right to live their life but their mothers made a decision to abort not thinking about the baby’s right and according to our country’s penal code (article 256 intentionally abortion), Abortion in the Philippines is generally illegal. Under the abortion provisions of the Penal Code, a person who intentionally causes an abortion with the consent of the pregnant woman is subject to a penalty of prison
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Obviously these teens engaged in premarital sex, most of them tell that it is out of curiosity and peer pressure.
Another problem that people engaged in premarital sex may face is Sexually Transmitted Diseases, according the department of health of the Philippines as of March 2016 almost 8000 have STD 97% of it are all men (DOH, 2016).
STD mostly occur by having sexual intercourse without protection. It is a kind of problems that people engaged in premarital sex cannot run from.

According to Arristipus, Life is basically a search for pleasure, is it really about pleasure why people engage in premarital sex? According to Dr. Tim Jennings in breakups of people who've been sexually active, they can't tolerate the sense of emptiness (Jennings, 2013). In other words people who are engage in premarital sex more likely to experience heart aches and pain. Which may occur in break ups and separation, some may turn to alcohol or something stupid that we humans could do to hurt ourselves believing that the pain could surpass the pain after the break