Why Is Racial Profiling Wrong

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Racial Profiling~ Any police action such as arrest, search, contact or detention which was solely based on race or ethnicity rather than their actions or behavior(Google). People many think of racial profiling as a recent problem that started in the 1980s when people of color were being pulled over for “driving while black” however, Racial profiling dates back centuries by law enforcement and the criminal justice system that dates back to at least the 1700s in the United States for people of color. Racial Profiling has helped put people away but has also brought anger and fear to many communities. To start racial profiling is a helpful investigational skill because police can use witness testimonies to catch the suspect. When the witness …show more content…
Cops are supposed to protect and serve everyone but they can’t serve a large portion of the population fairly if they think they are already guilty of a crime. Racial profiling goes unpunished and unchecked so in result kids and grandmother are scared to even leave their house(McDonald Heather from “Chicago streets because the wild west”). This states that when racial profiling happens and goes punished will result in a lack of trust in law enforcement and groups such as Black lives matter form demanding justice and their civil rights to be respected . In extreme cases people will resort to violence against law enforcement. 8 deaths in Chicago in a single year, countless more in other places people are scared and angry. When police goes to different neighborhood there will be no trust so it's back to square one to earn their trust back(Hartmen Ben from “Racial profiling not the right solution”). After the trust has been broken there is no easy fix people either fear or hate the people that are sworn to protect them and their rights. Overall racial profiling goes unpunished and when that happens trust is lost in communities so they to start over from stage one which is bulling their trust