Why Is Slavery Important In America

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Slavery had been around in America since early colonial time beginning in the early-1600s. Ever since slavery became race-based in the mid-1660s, African Americans had an extremely tough time becoming upper class members in society, and were more often than not subjected to a life of brutal slavery. The American Revolution, however, would seem to introduce and trigger new thoughts about slavery into Americans’ minds. One might believe that the American Revolution was the first step in giving slaves’ rights in America. The idea of freeing slaves in America seemingly became popularized when the British promised slaves their freedom in 1775. Slaves could gain freedom by fighting for the Loyalists during the revolution. This may have been one of the first times American civilians and leaders alike started to become open to the idea that freeing slaves was ethically the right thing to do. What may lead one to believe this, is that in response to the British recruitment of African American slaves, …show more content…
These groups played a substantial role leading to the abolition of slaves later on in America.7 Quaker antislavery committees even began giving out pamphlets to Parliament and the public.7 One could believe that when people saw these around revolutionary time, it may lead them to change their minds about slavery moving forward. Slavery played a major role into shaping America during and following the American Revolution. Though most African Americans didn’t start to see improvements in their treatment for many years, the American Revolution affected slavery by bringing forth new beliefs into the minds of Americans. One should believe that the revolution was the first step into improving the lives of slaves by fighting together as one on the battlefield, counting slaves as people instead of property, and recognizing the true meaning of liberty for