Why Is Soccer Important To Me

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As I stepped onto the soccer pitch for my first game my heart pounded with adrenaline causing my hands to tremble. Looking towards my teammates to find where to stand as the newly memorized rules jumbled around in my head. Drawing confidence and courage from within as the referee blew the starting whistle. I kept my hands close to my sides in a last ditch effort to fight my natural inclination to swing my arms at the ball, as my years of tennis and baseball had taught me. Here I stood, ready to prove all the skeptics wrong; a sixteen year old could start playing without any prior experience. Their decades of playing could not stand up to my grit and determination.
At the beginning of the season, I was just a kid who had never kicked a ball before, by the end I was starting games and impressing the coach. My new found courage, inspired me to ask a girl to a dance. I designed an elaborate sign and stood alone, awaiting her arrival in a classroom full of my peers, all looking to see what her response would be. As nervous as my first soccer game, I mustered up the mettle to read my sign aloud and awaited her response with all eyes on me. Once again, my determination helped me accomplish a new goal to become more outgoing and
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Walking into school on the first day, I was beyond nervous but determined to succeed. The teacher was awestruck when taking attendance, to discover an underclassmen within his ranks and he interrogated me to why I was there. I rebutted saying politics is a very important part of my family and something I hope to pursue in the future. Amazed by my audacity to take such a difficult class I quickly became one of his favorite students. My grit proved I belonged amongst those who had more experience. I rapidly gained the respect of those around me and the teacher who originally doubted whether I