Why Is Social Class Important In The Great Gatsby

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Social class and the American Dream blind many characters in The Great Gatsby, who try to get more then they already have. Relationships of money and social class have blind them not follow their true dream to be with the persons they loved. Money and social class allowed relationships to form. The concept of the American Dream is that every person is equal. The social class in The Great Gatsby is very important because true love gets blocked because of the money that one has or doesn't have.
Jay Gatsby and Daisy, had a past relationship that was ended because of the war but ultimately Gatsby not having money. Jay Gatsby and Daisy cannot be together, so Gatsby finds a way to make money and finds Daisy. The American Dream demonstrates that Gatsby has done anything to be a person that has money to be with his true love. Jay Gatsby was once poor and later grew wealthy. "She only married you because I was poor and she was tired of
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Nick is a character that is well off, by not being a part of the wealthy social class, every other character is shaped by money. " I lived at West Egg, the- well, the least fashionable of the two....(Fitzegerald 14.)" Nick lives on Long Islands least fashionable side or "New Money" the two parts are so close together but worlds apart. It is very uncommon that a millionaire lives in a small house but Nick doesn't need name brand items or to follow the trends so he lives in the smallest house.

The social status of each character in the novel has been shaped because of money. The characters live and play in The Great Gatsby. F. Scott Fitzegerald places the rich in a single group away from the poor. He prottrayes the wealth in two categories "new money" and "old money." New money is less qualified in the world as the old money are a more put together people. The American Dream and Social class has shaped all the actions that were placed in the