Why Is The Great Gatsby Great

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In The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jay Gatsby is great because of the way he is perceived by the people for living out the the American Dream. Gatsby's mansion, lavish parties and wealth give him a reputation of being great because he is living what people dream of. Gatsby is also great because he is a genuine romantic and will do anything to obtain his lifelong love Daisy, who is occupied by another man, Tom. Gatsby believes that Daisy doesn't truly love Tom and that Daisy truly loves him. He uses his greatness and lavish lifestyle to try to obtain Daisy and cement their love together. In fact he throws all of these lavish parties in hope that Daisy will show up. Gatsby is great because of his pursuit of the American Dream, his romantic …show more content…
Gatsby buys one of the biggest mansions in West Egg and throws the most luxurious, lavish, crazy parties in New York City. Inside of Gatsby's house it is practically staged and looks as if no one lives there, he does this so people will see his greatness. His car is a true description of him and his lavish lifestyle, it is an insanely nice car with a custom job done on it. Gatsby tells a story about his life and how he went to Oxford and how he came from money and how he did all of these things throughout his life just so that people will think he is great and will respect his greatness. Even though the story Gatsby tells are not true he only tells them so that people will want to think he's great and that he's fully achieved the American Dream. Another way Gatsby is perceived as great by the people in the city is he gets pulled over by a cop for speeding in his lavish car and the cop simply lets Gatsby go because he shows him a card that says “ Jay Gatsby” on it. He is able to go to a secret club where rich and prominent people are and joke with them such as the governor and police chief because of his greatness. Gatsby is perceived in the story as being the greatest out of all the people around him because he has built this image of greatness so high. He is also poised with so much greatness because all of the people he works around are bad people, he doesn't come across as a bad person so when comparing him to the people around him it appears he radiates more greatness than he