Why Is Tipping Necessary

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Donae Stone
Mrs. Das
February 7, 2015
Critique Essay
EN 112 – 02/ Draft 2

Is Tipping Necessary? In a world where tipping feels like an obligation to some can either be a problem to many or a way of showing appreciation to others. Michael Lewis, who wrote an article “The Capitalist; The Case against Tipping”, doesn’t agree with the fact that tips should be a requirement. Many restaurant jobs only pay their employees about two dollars an hour which leaves them no choice but to depend on tips. There are many people who give tips out of respect and kindness to show the employee that they appreciate their service but there are others who do it because they don’t want to be called a cheapskate. Lewis stated, “…if you fail to tip the person getting you that coffee, you may be directing and even substantially affecting that person’s level of income”. Because of the poor hourly wage they get from these restaurants or coffee shops it only puts you in guilt if you don’t tip them. He also believes that many people work hard and do well because they know they’ll be rewarded at the end with a tip. But then again if you have to look forward to a tip, who wouldn’t work hard to satisfy the customer, for a chance to get a great tip? Tipping can be great to some and extra for others. Many people feel as though employees are supposed to give great service, so why should they get extra money for doing their job? If an employee is working at a restaurant and their job is to assist the customers with whatever they need assistance with, why should you be tipped? For example, Lewis explained how “…someone who has spent all of 40 seconds retrieving for you a hot drink and a muffin. When you agreed to buy the drink and muffin you did not take into account the plastic-cup shakedown”. Basically saying, it only took that person a short amount of time to grab a muffin for them, what extra greatness did they do to deserve a tip? Yes they gave the muffin and coffee to the customer but nothing major. In my opinion, tipping is something that should be done. No, I don’t think it’s a crime if the customer doesn’t tip them, if they don’t have it, but if they do it should be done. Some people really work hard at work and expect to get tips for what they do. If it will affect their income why not give them at least something? Whenever I go out to a restaurant I always tip the waiter because I know they need it and most importantly they deserve it. I’ve had family members who were waiters and I know how much they rely on tips which is why I always leave a tip. If I was working at a job like these in particular I would be the best server or waiter so I’ll have a chance at getting a great tip; especially if my pay is less than minimum wage. But if it’s a job like a coffee shop where service isn’t really given, I don’t think a tip has to be given. It’s all up to the customer. When providing excellent service comes into play everyone should feel appreciated for doing so. Many people work hard to satisfy their customers and aren’t always given close enough attention to by their bosses. In this case, I think tipping could take place. Many jobs aren’t fans of tipping and don’t allow their employees to receive them. For myself, working at Six Flags I couldn’t accept tips from people because it wasn’t allowed. I feel as though if someone is giving great service and the customer would like to tip them then it should be able to happen. What’s wrong with getting extra money for your hard work!
Some people slop over their work or hardly work when there’s no tip. Lewis pointed out in his article how some employees wouldn’t do their best and would really get upset if you don’t tip them. “A friend of mine who under tipped a New York City cab driver had the message drummed home more perfectly: a few seconds after she stepped out of the cab, the cab knocked her over”. This behavior is definitely unacceptable! Just