Why Is Woolf Important For Women's Success?

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A girl sits at the table finishing her homework which is due tomorrow. Her parents come home along with a middle aged man. They ask the girl to say hello to her future husband. The girl is in shock. The parents tell the girl to leave her studies since she now has a man who will provide for her. The girl wanted to defend her dream of becoming a doctor but she will get yell at talking back. She leaves her books and pencils on the table and never picks them up again. This is just the beginning for girls like the one in the scenario of a life filled with hardships and broken dreams. Child marriages happen everyday around the world. Marriage at a young age limits the possibilities of a girl’s success. Furthermore, this commitment forces her to mature faster and endure more hardships than her peers. The feminist advocate and author Virginia Woolf believes girls do not deserve this kind of lifestyle. In her book A Room of One’s Own, Woolf goes into depth on the different factors which prevent women from reaching success and why feminism is needed in society. From Woolf’s perspective, she would address child marriage as a prevention of women’s potential and individuality. Currently, organizations …show more content…
If Virginia Woolf lived during modern times, she would believe girls have much more to offer than domestic tasks. As Woolf did during her time, organizations and legislations need to continue fighting for girls’ rights. The number of child marriages will continue to reduce if education programs for girls, economic assistance programs for families, and improved laws pertaining to underage marriages persist in countries where thousands of girls are married every year. A girl who is not forced to marry young is not only beneficial to her but to the rest of the world. Imagine the amount of inventions, discoveries and lives saved if girls had liberty from the ring which binds