Why It Is Important To Obtain A College Education

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Is a piece of paper really worth $100,000? Every high school senior must ask themselves this question while determining their next step in life. As reported by college data, a leading resource on all essentials to college, the College Board reported that the average cost of tuition per year is $25,290 in 2017-2018. Over the course of 4 years, the average time it takes for a full time college student to earn a bachelor's degree, the total cost will be $101,160! A diploma is key to making a substantial living and surviving in an inflaming economy. On average, non-college graduates make $17,500 less per year than college graduates. Peter osborne, who has a doctorates in higher, adult and lifelong education, reported that over the course of …show more content…
If so, how do they plan to cover their expenses? The results for question 2 are listed below:

Figure 2
Of the 50 seniors surveyed 42 people said yes, a college education is important. Of those 42 people 20 people said their parents were paying for their education, 6 said they were on scholarships, and 16 people said they have to pay for their education on their own.
With these findings from my survey it is shown that over ¾ of seniors in high school believe that a college education is essential to future careers. In today’s society, a college education could make or break you financially. As reported by Forbes reporter Karsten Strauss, who has a degree in business journalism, who covers entrepreneurs, startups, and technology. The highest paying industries in America include; medicine, law, engineering, business, and IT. Almost all of which require a bachelor's or higher to get a job. Jobs in these fields earn an average pay of over $70,000 a
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84% of high school graduates want to make their lives better. These students believe that a college education is the best step to take for their future.Knowledge is power, and going to college give you more knowledge about your career and yourself. A college education allows people who have never traveled out of state or experienced any other culture but where they live an opportunity to. Going to college will give you the opportunity to meet new people, experience new things and broaden your mindset. College allows 18 year olds freedom they’ve never had until they went to college. College pushes young adults to new heights, testing their abilities, and allowing them to find out who they are and what they want. College board said,“College helps students develop into mature, responsible and independent adults”. College gives you the opportunity to meet lifelong friends and make memories that will last a