Essay on Why It Is Necessary to Vaccinate Children

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Imagine a world without modern medicine. Would it be the same world we know today? Would the people you know now still surround you today? Vaccinations have saved numbers of lives and have prevented the endangerment of others. Then why are there parents refusing to vaccinate their children? Should it become the government’s responsibility to vaccinate children? With the way the way things are turning out now, it looks like the government might have to step in sooner than we think. In my opinion, the parents that choose not to vaccinate their kids are not only putting their child at risk, but every other child they come in contact with. Many of the people refusing vaccines are young parents that never saw the severe cases of diseases within their lifetime. This opposition (or mostly naivety) will lead to the reemergence of diseases that once terrorized the generations before us. There are stories of assumedly inactive disease outbreaks in under vaccinated communities across the United States. Diseases with available vaccinations (From Influenza to Polio) are simply being shoved to the side and ignored. More than 1 in 20 kindergarteners in public schools across eight states aren’t getting the required number of vaccines. For these reasons, this country is experiencing the highest rating of whooping cough in decades. But do the parents have a point? When is the last time you heard of someone struck down by polio? With many parents fearing the vaccines cause autism, that surely that would