Why Junk Food Should Be Taxed

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Did you know cereal was considered as a junk food? In the world there are all kinds of different types of junk foods. There’s Chips, Candy, Soda, & Fast Food Places. By the world having all these junk foods, what do you think is going to happen to the people? Well i say people will start to get lazy, have health issues, and gain weight. The only reason why these things will happen is because of the low price that these things cost. In my essay i will be talking about the low cost of the junk food, the weight people are gaining from eating the junk food, and the health issues people are getting from eating junk foods.
My first reason for why fat foods should be taxed is because, of how much weight people are gaining from the junk foods. Junk
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The prices that the junk is costing needs to rise, because the cheaper it is then the more people are going to buy. If the price was more expensive people would buy less or maybe not buy any at all, that mean healthier eating in the world. By raising the price it would also curb the obesity rate as I talked about in my first reason, in this article it says “Increasing junk food prices would curb Obesity”. The researchers are trying to figure out should they raise the prices yes or no? I say yes they should raise the prices! I mean, why not it could save money that's been spent on junk food that money could go for healthy food and like other stuff around the house. See people don’t mind the cost of junk food now cause it doesn’t cost a lot, but if the prices were two raise they would mind. All the money that being spent is all adding up, they don’t think that the price of junk food is expensive, but when it all adds up it’s more then they’ll think. With me being a teenager and going to school yes i’m going to eat junk even though i know it’s not good for me, but see me I know how to limit myself when eating junk foods. Mostly all the money that's being spent on junk food is coming from teenagers, because at school they don’t eat the lunch that provided. School food is nasty it has no flavor/ seasoning, so since junk food is so cheap why not go to the store before school and get junk in …show more content…
In my essay i’ve talked about how by people who are just sitting around eating junk food is gaining weight. People health issues are getting worse, people are going to the doctor’s office more. All they are doing is eating, eating, & eating, they are not working out so the just sit and gain weight. The amount of money they’re spending, they could’ve spent on on a healthy meal, or some healthy groceries at the store and probably got more then they’ve got by spending the money on on JUNK.! I’ve talked about how the obesity rate is very high in the U.S, some people has gotten so big that they can’t even walk by themselves. People now is very lazy and really doesn’t care about anything. I’ve talked about the low cost of the junk food, the weight people are gaining from eating the junk food, and the health issues people are getting from eating junk foods. Nothing is really going to change in life because, no one is doing nothing to help out people. The government doesn't care if people have health issues, or is gaining weight. Because either way they are making money and they know that people are going to continue to buy. They are probably never going to raise the prices even though they should but it's sad to say that they’re not. People don't care about their health anymore and is really sad. I wish i could do something but i can’t, I wish people would start caring but they’re not going to. I say that the government should place a