Why Kids Should Not Be Allowed In Schools

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A shadow here, a shadow there. That is the feeling of some children when they've been surrounded, invaded, noticed. Usually in schools they tend to try to keep kids safe and to feel secure, including that they want them to feel positive about them being there, let them feel protected, but they are kind of wrong on that part. Sometime’s in schools there is something bad that happens which stirs up the kid’s curiosity of who may of did it, for it only leads to one of them being blamed. Kid’s now in school are trying to hide from the teacher’s to protect their freedom, privileges, and rights, but the school, principal, nor anyone else listens. Except the kids which want to stand up to adults, and show they still have their rights, privacy, and freedom. They shall stand up to them and prove to the adult’s that they were in the wrong going through child's property. For this reason, Teachers should not be able to search children’s items and property, because that they are invading the child's personal space, including the fact that it would make them feel uneasy and insecure about the teachers. Also later in life it could cause negativity from the kids to the adult because they wouldn't have the same trust they used to have with them from the past until now