Essay on Why Kids Should Not Bring Cell Phones To School

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Why kids should not bring cell phones to school
Many kids bring cell phones to school. Students should not be permitted to bring cell phones to school. If you were to drop in on any school, you’ll see everyone almost identical. They all look like robots with devices in their hands, typing away. Technology makes us multitask, fall behind in class work and makes us dependant on our devices. Many teachers allow students to listen to music in class, during independent work. Listening to music is fine, but Peter Bregman stated that, “multitasking can reduce productivity as much as 40 percent, and increase stress.” When multitasking students, do not work to the best of their ability. This leads to incomplete homework. Due to cell phones students tend to fall behind in their class work. Research shows that “71 percent of the messages kids send or receive on their phones are in class.” Cell phones distract students from schoolwork and class activity. Pews’ study shows that “Older teen girls ages 14-17 send or receive an average of 100 messages a day.” That is a lot of time to spend on your phone. What a lack of proper use of time, used to entertain yourself. This is a generation that is used to being constantly entertained. Students don’t practice the traditional way of learning and have adapted the technological way of learning. Students have forgotten their self dependence and now rely completely on their devices. As Einstein once stated “I fear, the day technology will…