Essay on Why Marriage Is the Best Part in Life

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April 2,2013
ESSAY - Culmination (Marriage, Half a Day, Laments)

As you grow older you realize that money, friends, happiness isn't the only thing you need to survive in this cold hearted world. The best part in life is having that special someone that is right for you and would be there threw good and bad , for better or for worst . Marriage the best part in life but not all is lucky and also it could be kinda pressuring rather it's your girlfriend rushing in to your relationship to put a ring on her finger , your friends telling you to get married ,yourself deciding is it the right time to ask that special question or your religion where your mom or dad has to choose who to marry and feel as if that person is the one for you . In that case the story "Marriage Is A Private Affair" by Chinua Achebe has very similar characteristics of having a bride that someone has chosen for him , his father, Okeke choose a bride for his son Nnaemeka that he knows he does not want to marry instead he finds a girl that he loves and wants to marry her but his father does not approve so .Okeke wants bests for his son so never or less he chooses a girl for him thinking he is going to be happy and in love which the girl he had chosen . But his sons reactions was negative . Not wanting to disappoint his father Nnaemeka sits down and has a talk with his father but soon his father is disappointed. Okeke proves of his disappointment of his son he does not go to his wedding nor visits him ignoring his blood son for 8 years. Okee believed that a man should look for a wife that has a good character and has a Christian background. His opinion of Nene job as a teacher is that she shouldn’t be teaching because of her religion, but Nnaemeka thought different he didn't want to be on the side of his father or his religion he believed that love is love and it takes no orderers of negativity that brings his love apart .

Finding a wife for Nnaemeka was a special moment for Okeke and happily finding a good wife for his son. Wanting a good women for his son Okee believed that a man should