Why Matamatics is important Essay

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Mathematics as an Adult Math may seem like an unimportant and often confusing subject for many students, but it happens to be a necessity for the future. For instance math is one of the most important skills you can have as an adult. The more you learn about math now the easier it will be as an adult. Thus adulthood without math knowledge can cause for implications. Some consequences of not knowing math include, not being able to manage money responsibly, not being able to complete tasks at ones job and, not being able to measure ingredients and fractions. Math affects almost all aspects of adult life, especially money management. If one does not take math seriously now one may experience difficulties managing money in the future. Money happens to be important in today’s society if one cannot do math then usually, one will not be the best with money when one becomes older. One may not be receiving all of the money one may be working for if one cannot use math to figure out how much money one should have made on ones paycheck. Also, if one cannot manage money, not knowing math will make saving money for retirement quite challenging. Obtaining and sustaining a job will require one to complete math related tasks. If one does not have the required math skills it may take one much longer than someone who is mathematically inclined to complete the task. One may experience trouble in the work place if one cannot complete math related problems one even might lose ones job. Holding a job might become very difficult at even the most basic jobs such as a fast food worker. If one were assigned to work the cash register, one may face some difficulties coming up with exact change. Thompson 2
Without mathematical knowledge, one may not be able to measure ingredients and fractions. If one wanted to make something