Why Medicine is Flawed Essay

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There is overwhelming evidence that points to a flawed, broken healthcare system. I believe that traditional medicine is a big joke and that millions of people have died because of greed. When a patient comes to a doctor and complains of some symptom, the doctor usually orders radiographic tests and prescribes a medication, potentially raking in thousands of dollars. This is all unnecessary.

The Lord designed our bodies to be super machines that can withstand rigorous abuse. By design, we have many systems in place that thwarts disease. If these systems were not in place, we would probably only live a couple years and die from cancer. However, when we abuse our bodies so much and do not give it the proper essential nutrients, the body starts to fail. Major health conditions like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes become a reality. Little do we know that it is all self-inflicted -- not caused by bad genes inherited by our ancestors. In fact, what we actually inherit are the bad habits and diets of our ancestors.

Traditional physicians look at disease as a way to make money. The pharmaceutical companies have programmed these doctors to be their own ATM machines. This is all controlled by the majority of medical education coming from the pharmaceutical companies. Billions are dollars are wasted each year on unnecessary surgeries, drugs, and radiographic tests.

For example, when a patient walks into a cardiologists’ office with atrial fibrillation, the doctor may prescribe 3 medications to treat this condition. This patient will spend the rest of his/her life on these medications. If the doctor was properly trained, he would recommend that the patient supplement with magnesium, which would of cured the disease -- all for about $10. After all, the patient has a deficiency of magnesium, not of a man-made, synthetic pharmaceutical poison.

Let’s look at the treatment of cancer. We have known for nearly 40 years what the cure for cancer is. It is simply a deficiency of a naturally-occurring substance known as amygdalin. However, this data has been suppressed and skewed to protect the multi-billion dollar industry. Imagine the impact of a cure for cancer. It would cripple virtually all pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and others that survive on cancer treatment. Instead of a pharmaceutical company making $8,000 per dose of an anti-cancer drug, they would make $0. Hospitals will go from raking in $900,000 in cancer