Essay about Why More People Eat Fast Food

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Fast Food In our American society today where waking up early each morning to get ready for work has becoming a very huge part of our daily life, we realize that people are becoming more busy even to the point of becoming lazy since they barely have any time to cook for themselves or for their families and therefore, this has lead to the increasing number of fast food restaurants everywhere we go. Pick McDonalds, Subways and Wendy’s for example; there is no corner you will step that you wouldn't end up seeing their sign because all this fast food are very cheap, very convenient and they taste really good and therefore explains why more people eat fast food this days. In a society where money has become a very big …show more content…
As our society keeps growing bigger and developing on a very fast pace, we realize that more people are eating more fast foods because they are very cheap, very convenient and they taste very good to satisfy our taste buds. People are getting so busy this days that, spending just some few minutes out of their business schedule to actually make something to eat has become a problem and therefore has also lead to the growing number of fast food restaurants and the increasing number of people who eat there. We realize the cost of buying groceries in order to put a meal on the table has increased to about two times the money you will spend to eat fast food and this explains why more people are eating fast food today. With money being a big problem in our economy today, people have learned to make tight budgets in order to keep them financially stable and spending more money on food needs to be the very last decision any one will make so therefore, eating fast foods will be the best way for people to save some money and also satisfy their taste buds. Even though we all know how unhealthy fast food, everyone eats them for their own