Why Nice Guys Finish Last Analysis

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The Power Society & Its Stereotypes From birth, there is a need to push societal mindsets and stereotypes onto younger generations. However, no one ever stops to think why we were taught to think this way in the first place. Gendered stereotypes and binaries specifically are a symptom of rape culture that Julia Serano, a transgendered woman who is a writer and activist on the topic, discusses in “Why Nice Guys Finish Last”. While society instills a need for stereotypes and binaries, conforming to these ideas feels mandatory. This allows society to control our mindsets, however, breaking free of this power requires society as a whole to change drastically. People must be educated and made aware of the power of gendered stereotypes and binaries before any changes can be made. Education and awareness of such stereotypes and binaries is the first step in destroying them. In order to dismantle this “predator/prey” mindset, as Julia Serano calls it, we must fully understand it. It is the older generations that push these preconceived notions onto our youth, and although these mindset has been built up over many lifetimes, “ [t]he system …show more content…
Society sends conflicting messages to both men and women through media nowadays, where men are supposed to be this aggressor to attract females and women are supposed to except being a sexual object for male attention. Many “nice guys” wanna fulfill this idea therefore they stoop down to “assholes”. Serano uses a personal story about a friend Eric who was a “nice guy” for most of his life until his twenties when he decided that in order to attract women he had to become a sexual aggressor. As long as these demands to fulfill the predator/prey mindset continue “ a large percentage of people will continue to gravitate toward them” (Serano