Why Not To Pay For College Essay

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Over the past decade, college has gotten more expensive with each passing year. Many students feel obligated to go to a four-year college, and, in order to pay for it, take out student loans. Students are told that they need to go to college if they want to work in a well-paying field. While college is expensive, there are many reasons to avoid taking out loans. Student loans are avoidable and difficult to pay back, but they are the only option to many people.
Paying for college seems like a daunting task to many young people, but there are many ways to save money. There are hundreds of scholarships and grants that qualified students can apply for. These loans can save students thousands of dollars. For example, Northern State University offers a WolfPact scholarship to any student that gets a certain score on the ACT. These scholarships are valued $5000, $7000, $11000, and $12000 (“WolfPact Scholarship”). Choosing the location and type of college wisely can save students from unnecessary financial burdens.
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Students may come from an underprivileged family and not have access to the funds necessary to pay for college on their own. Their parents may be in debt and be unable to help them. Mortgage and interest rates are rising, which makes paying for an expensive endeavor, like college, difficult. More careers and employers require college degrees than ever, drastically limiting the options for less privileged students. Good jobs often require college degrees, and student loans allow young people to pursue this option. It is difficult for many students to hold a job and get good grades in college, too, so loans can help them study through tough times.Federally subsidized student loans are often flexible and have low interest rates, which makes it easier to pay them back. Student loans can help students pursue their preferred career and open doors they might have thought