Why Nursing? Essay

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Life is a journey. Everyday choices are made and measures taken carving my path toward a future nursing career. In hindsight, it becomes clear that this journey was pre-ordained. While growing up in Brazil, in a nice home, an impressive neighborhood with parents willing to drive me to ballet and piano lessons, most of the world lived in serious, dispiriting poverty. Thus, I knew that some day I would be giving something back. My parents were Rotarians, meaning that they were sizable targets for comic abuse and jokes about the organization. However, they held firmly to their beliefs that when their two daughters were grown, they would have a moral obligation to reach out to others who lacked their advantages. Regardless of how this sounds, life is filled with small moments that seem prosaic until one has the distance to look back and see the chain of sobering moments that they unleashed.
Following my heart while in high school and volunteering in an orphanage built and cared for by the Rotary Club, I decided to pursue a career in Occupational Therapy. After graduating as a young adult I set goals and aspirations I wanted to achieve. One of these goals consisted of becoming an Early Intervention Service Coordinator. Through a lot of hard work and dedication, I earned the position at Dom Bosco Foundation. As an Occupational Therapy practitioner, I supported and encouraged parents' relationships with their children believing that the desire to learn in very young children is very much tied to a fundamental caring relationship with their family and childcare provider. Being a person who loves to educate, guide, and interact with people, I excelled at this position. My career as an Occupational Therapist came to an end when I was involved in a car accident that left me hospitalized for 11 months. After many surgeries, and while being under nurses’ care for such a long time, I came to see that was another experience to help me understand my path towards becoming a nurse. After recovering with no further setbacks, I decided to take some time off and travel around the world. I have been to many, many countries throughout six out of the seven continents, and I could say that was the richest experience of my life. Everything one sees and does while traveling, and every person one meets provides an opportunity to gain a new perspective that can help one live a better life. The challenge of new experiences will push one's personal barriers back. Coping with situations that have not been previously encountered has insured me that I am capable of achieving, or succeeding at, so much more than I had thought. Learning about different cultures can teach us things about our own culture - things we had neither appreciated nor