Why Participants Are At Risk Of Injury Whilst Taking Part In Sport Essay

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Why are participants at risk of injury whilst taking part in sport? (300 words)

Participants are always at risk no matter what the sport activity is, because the participants will either pull or strain a muscle or even be injured. The participants can reduce and prevent sport injuries by wearing either protective clothing or equipment to protect specific areas such as a helmet will be used to prevent a concussion – head injury when playing a sport (an example of the helmet being used in sport are baseball, cricket and rugby) also leg shin pads can be used to prevent the leg being injured such as an open or closed fracture to the leg (an example of the leg shin pads being used in sports are football and rugby).
In addition, the participants can also reduce sport injuries by warming up and afterwards stretch their muscles before doing the sport activity to reduce the friction and strain on their muscles and this will also prevent the muscle being pulled. Not only can the participants be injured via the muscles being torn or sprained or, be injured by the sport itself but you can also be injured by the sports equipment being used and your surroundings therefore you should be careful by having a health and safety procedure/rules and regulations within the game, this will reduce and prevent the sport injuries that may occur such as, in hockey the rules of playing safe and to prevent injuries are by using their hockey sticks to hit between from their knees to the ground when