Why People Despise Hitler but Not People Who Discriminate Essay

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Why People Hate Hitler but Not People Who Discriminate Discrimination is a word we hardly use in our everyday vocabulary these days. We now use the word intolerant. It seems to be a much better word than racist or bigot. It seems like we are trying not to offend those who love to offend others. Most people who discriminate don’t even realize that what they are doing is no different from what Hitler did in Germany. That’s because most people see racism as having to do with violence or oppression against a certain race or group. These people fail to realize that discrimination of any type is an attitude that starts in the mind of someone. Those who suffered under the rule of Hitler are very aware of what discrimination looks and feels like. These people suffered greatly and millions of people lost their lives because of this one man’s indifference toward the Jewish race. Hitler was able to fully show the effects of discrimination because he controlled all the power and made all the rules. He then used this power and rules to commit one of the world’s greatest crimes against humanity. No one stopped him because they considered him a mad man who just had a great hate for the Jews and anyone else who did not belong to his race. Today, our world is full of Hitler’s, and these haters of other races or groups live among us. Some are doctors, lawyers, judges, policemen, and even political leaders. I believe that some are even loyal church attendees who hold high positions in our local churches. These men and woman are not confronted because they are considered educated and respected by the community. Yet if you were to hear what they say and do in secret, you would find out that how they think and talk is no different than how Hitler thought and talked throughout his adult life. People hate Hitler simply because he publicly expressed his hate for other races in a very evil way. The reason we don’t hate discriminators these days is because most of them