Why people exercise? Essay

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Edward Prange
ENG 092
Ms. Puckett
June 7, 2014
Exercise is Important to Americans
Why do American people need to exercise? People exercise for many reasons. These reasons include to stay healthy, live longer lives, and to stay in shape due to work requirements.
The first reason why American people need to exercise is Americans were on top of the world rankings, for being the most obese country in the twenty-first century. Presidential First Lady, Michelle Obama, implemented a program called “Play 60,” which educates young children and adults to play sixty minutes a day to stay healthy and fit. Over the past couple of years American children have lost a significant amount of weight. As a result, America is no longer the most obese country. The second reason people exercise is to live longer. Based on scientific studies, a healthy diet and normal workout schedule is great way to live longer. People that don’t follow an appropriate healthy diet and workout schedule will gain more weight than those who do. From various a cultural stand points, people that eat less fatty foods, more whole and natural foods can live well into their eighties or even nineties. My third reason why American people need to exercise is staying in shape. This is critical for people that are in a career field that requires them to be active and to be successful at their careers. Individuals that do not stay in shape can risk losing their jobs to new-comers or be past up for promotions or