Why Pilgrim Drug Company's Syracuse Salesmen Should Be Redeployed Essay

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Pilgrims salespeople sin the Syracuse district should be redeployed into new territories for several reasons. Given the three elements every salesperson should abide by to effectively accomplish their job as salespeople in the Syracuse division and elsewhere in the Pilgrim Drug Co. It is imperative that the salespeople get redeployed into new territories to broaden their sales capturing but also to hone in on selling larger total value. The Pilgrim Drug Co. has a three-step sales plan for increased profitability. Given this three-step sales plan for increased profitability, it would be greatly beneficial for these salespeople to be redeployed into new territories with a fresh mindset while still sticking by the same three-steps to regain their confidence as salespeople and to improve territories that need an improve from the 20% to a 40% or higher. Being redeployed into a new territory, while still with the same company can give a frustrated salesperson an opportunity to shine in their own way, especially given a new set of tools and guidelines to achieve a certain goal. Older or veteran sales reps such as Allen Simpson and Walter Miller can offer insight in these territories to newer sales reps like Michael Taylor and Linda Harrington. During the visit from Clifford Nelson, Thomas was faced with a reality that was difficult to handle. “None of these new trainees will ever be able to take Bill’s place.” This can be discouraging for a new timer or it can be motivational. Given the aforementioned comment made by Mr. Nelson, I thought it would be the correct thing to do to redeploy the sales force into new territories as an opportunity to become their own “Bill” if you will. Thomas knew he needed the numbers to improve but couldn’t mess up the morale of the division. Handing your salespeople a new sales bible of three steps to effectively increase sales percentage may not mess up morale but can certainly take some getting used to. After Thomas was visited in his office by Taylor and was given support “100%” on account of the rest of sales team it made the decision to redeploy the sales persons into new territories a lot easier.

Our criteria for redeploying the sales forces really was about giving our salespeople the opportunity to excel somewhere their efforts could be measured. In Syracuse we could not measure the effectiveness of our sales force compared to the competition in the area. We cannot simply measure the sales forces efforts compared to the industry in other markets because that would not be a performance relative comparison. We saw that compared to other divisions Syracuse was doing poorly however it was doing better in the years to follow. In order to really test our sales force we will relocate them and see how they do in a market that can be measured. Much of the sales force is very qualified and I feel they just need to be placed in an area where there is more performance monitoring and perhaps a market with more demand. In order to get our