Why Pursue A Career In Nursing

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Why have you chosen to pursue a career in nursing?
My desire to pursue a career in nursing only grew as I became part of the healthcare field.

-making differences in peoples lives, whether it’s through teaching, providing care or supporting a family. Each aspect of care allows me to give personally of myself and feel rewarded at the end of the day, knowing I made a difference. Being a nurse is one of the most rewarding and meaningful careers that one can have. Nurses make the difference in people’s lives by what they do and what they don’t do.
-being challenged
-healthcare is about lifelong learning. Began as an LNA (inspired by my mom) and have gone on to achieve my LPN. Am ready to begin the next step in furthering my education and career as an RN.
-grandfather passing away and seeing my mother’s compassion and love confirmed that I wanted a career where I made a difference.
-although my mother planted the seed, it was the patients
-You get a tremendous amount of responsibility and when you see your patients improve, you know it is because of what you did
- I taught my patients how to improve their own hygiene and health care and got satisfaction from watching them make the changes I suggested.
-On a regular job I give patients advice, comfort the dying, teach patients how to care for their disease processes. Where else can you get such job satisfaction to know that every day you influence peoples lives for the better, their health for the better and