Why School Should Start Later Analysis

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My goal is to get a 5 or a 6 because I want to get a good grade. I want this to be real good and I think it would be nice to put good effort into this cause, I want to show you that I think that school should start later. And I'm going to give you a bunch of reasonable cons and pros.

The pros are that by starting school it will benefit in a better academic success like getting better scores.and suceeding better on tests class work homework cause they get more rest time. so they have more energy.to do their work or whatever they have to do. Con Also, studies have shown that start school later it affects student sleep time and when they start really early its a hassle for the family to get all the kids up and realize. I Think I'm on the con side because I don't really want school to start later cause want to get off of school earlier cause one I like more time to hang out do work or whatever I have to do. also if I started school later than when I get home every day, then it's probably gonna be dark like 7:00 8:00 and then I won't be able to ride my bike play basketball outside or do any of those activities. Also in the article it says “Bad sleep habits can lead to obesity and diabetes ,because the body's regulation of sugar is thrown out of whack.It also says parents
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The thesis was should school start later,and I wanted to be on the con side because I didnt realyy want school to start later. And thats why I enjoyed this essay because of the excitment of the argueing and gatherig information from the text and like using pathos logos and ethos. Witch was exciteing. It also suprised me when I was reading the aticle I realized they wrote very little on the con side. So there was more on the pro side. Wicth made it difficult to gather information since I was on the con side.also thats why I really liked this essay and the argureing and the excitment.Thats what was