Why Should Drugs Be Legalized

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Drugs. Should they be legalised?
There are many different things going for and against drugs, and many people have different views and very strong opinions on whether they should or shouldn’t be legalised. These days drugs can be found everywhere. Some people have easy access to them through friends and others don’t have any access. There are thousands of drugs that can help you but there also many that extremely dangerous for the human body, long term and short term. Most people are tempted to take drugs to escape from stress or other problems, all these harmful drugs are illegal and many people take them to feel good or to have a good time.
No drugs shouldn’t be legalised because, this would just increase dangers on the street and the crime rates will go up. We still have many problems with smoking and alcohol. If drugs like heroin, cannabis, cocaine, LSD and ecstasy are legalized it still won't suddenly make the problems on the streets disappear, it would just make it a lot worse. Legalization would decrease price and increase availability. Having access to these drugs is what will increase drug use. Legalising all drugs has many problems behind it, it would make more drugs accessible to people, though, and it would take away any consequences. Many drugs are expensive and extremely addictive. If people have the opportunity to legally try these drugs, then it may increase their chances of becoming addicts and ruining their lives. All these drugs can lead to all kinds of health and mental problems like; making people feel lethargic, very anxious and paranoid; other drugs can cause things like hallucinations, sickness, depression, liver and kidney problems and fits.
Other people may think they should be legalised for various different reasons. Yes drugs should be legalised because if high court judges, lawyers, pilots and many other high class individuals have tried in the past or are currently smoking some form of drugs. Many people think they shouldn’t be legalised because they are addictive but addiction isn't the problem. Countless people are addicted to caffeine, addicted to sports, beer or food. That doesn't seem to cause any problems, then why drugs? If drugs do become legal there would be less crime, more police for other more dangerous crimes, addicts can be treated as humans and not animals or