why should teens be allow to drive to school Essay

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Everybody loves to drive, right. Aye I know I couldn't wait to get behind the wheel and hear theses words Congratulations, you’ve pass your permit test and one, two and three smile for the picture. Do you really want to be stuck riding a bus as a senior in high school? Not really especially when you may have seniors privileges, where you can drive to school late and leave early, or off campus lunch ,or maybe even don’t have to come on certain days, but you cant because you have a driving permit. All that hard work through your three years of high school and studying just to get your permit I say students should be able to drive to school with that permit you earn. Driving is a privilege but it is not mandatory. The student who pass the test and receive there permit should be able to drive to school just like a student with license , like as a teen that is dedicated to education, it would be beneficial to drive to school with my permit. My grandmother works two jobs and she have to drive me everywhere which doesn’t consumes time. And she tired all the times and I make it worse by asking her can we go do this and that and prom haven’t even got here yet. To begin, the daily schedule of the average student is a whirlwind of activity. What parent has time to deliver each daughter and son to every sport game or practice ,music rehearsal ,babysitting job, or dentist appointment? Sometimes these activities take place in different part of the town and involve quite a bit of travel. The logistics are a nightmare. However, with a set of car keys, the student can travel to each event independently right after school . He or she can handle last minute schedule changes without throwing off parents’ pick up and drop off plans . Parents should and could get some time to relax and don’t always have to jump up after every phone call of a pick up. Some teenagers are responsible enough to drive to school. Some have jobs they have to go to after school which help buy there own gas expenses and pays their insurance! I think in this day and time this driving should allowed us to teach our self’s responsibility! Even Know we should already be responsible because we behind the wheels of a motor vehicle. In our society being able to drive is what we think about all day everyday even dream about it driving even have its own slang term such as (whipping). Just because some teenagers have accident doesn’t mean all of them do also adult have them as well to. Yes I no their are taxes , local city buses and carpooling (barely), but I can assure you that 6 out of 10 parents which a survey was took from the Florida Schools Athletics Department that every student that dose an after school activities does not proceed in the activate due to gas money and pick up times. An you wonder why ST Lucie county make students pay a fee of $100 for sports because there are less students involve with the actives which they are dishing out funds to keep the sport when theirs nobody playing it. If more student can drive to school with their permit maybe more can say after to enjoy these actives. Now you see why we should be able to drive to school. And you wonder why the school teams barely have players the pick ups of course! Driving to school can gain valuable driving experience from driving to and from school every day especially if you live over 5 miles from the school. The route is familiar so I wont wind up getting lost or nothing. If I don't show up to school my parents will be notify from my attendance which will call anyways even if am tardy to any classes. Driving to school is usually daylight hours so I wont have to face the glare of the headlights or danger that might be obstructed by the darkness. However my trips to school will be in the rush hour between 6 A.M -7A.M so have to take its slow so I will have the appropriate space cushion for the traffic and the long wait. An leave the house to make it on time so I wont be tardy. Here at TCHS