Why Should the South have won the Civil Essay

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Michael Sanders
Coach Kane
American History
Why Should the South have won the Civil War?
The Civil War took placed in the Sothern, Northern, and Western United States. The war also took place in the Atlantic Ocean. The date of the War was April 12th, 1861 and lasted until May 9th, 1865. (4 years, 3 weeks, and 6 days. The last shots fired June 22nd, 1865.) The war resulted in Union victory, slavery was abolished, Lincoln, was assassinated five days after Lee’s surrender, dissolution of the Confederacy, and the beginning of the Reconstruction Era. Did he South have some advantages over the North, Should the South really have won the Civil War? The North had a few plans or strategies to defeat the South and they would do whatever it took to win. The North’s main strategies were to destroy anything and everything the south could use to win, capture the major rivers such as the Mississippi river. Last but not least they another strategy was to take control of the South. If the North didn’t come up with these the South would have had a better chance of winning the War. AS a result of the North coming up with these strategies it caused them to win the War. The South should have won the war because; it was the state’s rights to secede. By definition a state is a self-governing body people. The states were supposed to decide for themselves what to do; the federal government was just there to loosely hold them together. Another reason is slavery would have ended