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Kennedy Tyrone Chillis
Period 6 3/3/14

Sam & Cat must find a way to enjoy their favorite drink after it's been banned from
California. But once they manage to have as much of it as possible and share it with
Everyone else, they find the authorities are searching for the seller. Sam and cat
We’re sticking up for themselves they were standing up for what they believed in tired
Of all the commands tired of being pushed around by the bully just because they have
Their own self-centered issues. They are tired of being used and abused and that is what their speech is about sticking up for one’s self not letting other peoples decisions interfere with what they want to do. This is from nickalodieans sam and cat show

What’s your problem with blue dog soda?
“Some drink too much of it”- Large man
Some people eat too much sandwiches YOU GONNA BANED SANDWICHES?
And rollercoasters what if a kid decided to ride rollercoasters all day everyday heed
Flunk out of school YOU GONNA BANED ROLLERCOASTERS? And what about sleeping
I mean if a person sleeps to long their gonna wake up in a pile of their own poop you
Gonna banned sleeping? And pooping?
And what about hugs, right, you hug someone real tight too long you could kill them
That is true so maybe you should banned hugging
Why don’t you just banned everything yeah cause too much of anything is bad for you
But it’s not fair to punish everybody just cause some people can’t control