Why Soccer Is Important To Me

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The quote by Emerson can apply to an abundance of situations in life everything from art to soccer. In life you should never think of yourself as a god, we all make mistakes and it's how we handle them and strive to be better that sets us apart. As humans, we can always improve in everything we do.
This quote in my life reminds me of art I always strive to be a better artist. No matter how good I feel a piece is there is always room for improvement. Every beautiful painting you see in a museum was made after years of determination to be better. From Vincent van Gogh to Leonardo da Vinci, they all had to start somewhere. Never in their careers did they stop because they felt every piece they made was perfection. No, instead every artist strives to be better, even them, because just like Emerson said “Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.”
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No matter how good you are, you always have to push yourself. Lionel Messi and Gareth Bale are some of the best soccer players the world has ever seen, but even they still train to be better. That just shows that you will never truly grow unless you’re still striving to be better after a point of great achievement.
Also, this quote can be true for ourselves; mentally and physically. We always can work to be a better person. Whether that’s eat less high calorie foods or be a nicer person, we can always improve as humans. We all have flaws and although that’s okay, we should still strive to be a better, more Godly person. You can feel you are the best person in the world, but you aren’t, that is the truth of life, and that is okay. That is why this quote is so important, we as humans should always strive to be a better person physically and