Why Software Engineering Is a Booming Career Essay

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One of the most sought after careers in computing is software engineering. Computer software engineers design and construct new software in order to meet the needs of their clients by writing algorithmic code that is intended to solve a particular problem. They may write helpful applications targeted for individuals, or maybe develop network systems so that companies can record sales or keep track of their contacts. The average yearly salary for a software engineer is around $88,000, of course depending on the qualifications of the employee and the position of the hiring company. Nowadays, a software engineer is expected to have a bachelor’s degree, typically in computer science or a similar subject, because computer systems have been growing increasingly complex over the years. Part of the job description for being a software engineer is working with other people. Employees must work and communicate with one another to develop functional software within a certain time frame. My father is a software engineer, and has been working as one for around thirty years. I had the opportunity last summer to work at his office and experience for myself what this job was like. The work environment is very relaxed. Employees each have their own individual tasks, and they talk with each other if a problem or question arises. Meeting are held once a week so that the engineers can all talk openly about what they did for the past week and what they are still working on. Employees could take breaks whenever they needed to, though no one abused these freedoms because they were dedicated to the company and its success. My father told me that one of the most important skills to have in this field is the ability to learn and be adaptable. A career in software programming is a constant learning process. These engineers have to teach themselves new things all the time because they are constantly working through new problems. This may be difficult, but it makes the job feel fresh and enjoyable. Career Cast ranked software engineering as the number one career of 2012. I would definitely be interested in having a career in software engineering.
Another career in computing that I found interesting is computer systems analysis. A computer systems analyst looks at a company or organization’s existing computer systems and works to improve it and make it more efficient. Many different companies require the attention of a system analyst, so analysts will usually specialize in a particular field of industry, such as