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Born or made? Alex Pavlushyn
It is old question: are a special breed of entrepreneurs are born into this world with a drive and a need to succeed that most of humanity does not have, or can they be created through education, experience and mentoring ?
In the past five years, several studies have shown that there can be "entrepreneur gene" - or at least that people with certain genetic characteristics and personality traits are more likely to be successful entrepreneurs than others.
For example Americans are bred to believe that with education and drive, they can be anything they choose. These call into question the idea of entrepreneurship education as an institution and put forward a range of business schools accept cheek swabs of DNA with the application package.
Born entrepreneurs

As for my opinion of some individuals are much more conducive to entrepreneurship. This is an important thing, and it's really holding back and affect the results. As a consequence, if you want to know who is likely to be an entrepreneur, do not go to business school and see who took entrepreneurship courses. The more important thing to look at a person's personality and ability to bear risk. I would like to emphasize that I am not saying it is all genetics - I think the experience and the knowledge and observation and environmental accounts.
I was particularly impressed with the study of twins and what happens when you observe their behavior when they are raised together against the rise of each other. It's pretty compelling stuff. A good deal of entrepreneurial behavior is genetically determined.
But the fact is that all in all, " Entrepreneurs are different." They have the ability to deal with uncertainty, risk and tolerate ambiguity. They usually have a personality that is Mercurial, and they have peaks that are really high and lows are really low. There's good evidence that they have a strong self-confidence, but also tend to be overly optimistic. They rely on their own intuition.
All of these things are not positive. A very large proportion of entrepreneurs fail. They tend not to be put to consensus decision-making. They disrupt the status quo more often. Many do not admit defeat or loss gracefully. They are energetic, and a higher percentage are usually loners and work hard. All of these things will appear in other sections of the population, but they appear more often among entrepreneurs. Studies show that there is a family history of these features, and some of the genetic determinants of these personality characteristics.
Entrepreneurs Made
I think that most of the recent studies show that entrepreneurship can be taught. The fact that some people are talking about genetics is that people have different inclinations towards entrepreneurship and a different set of skills or intellectual endowment. Perhaps, more simply, you can not teach someone to be passionate about entrepreneurship. And from the point of view of general skills if they begin with the interests or donations, which