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What's it like working a panera bread cafe?
I start a job there soon and I wanted to see was it easy making the sandwiches and salads. Is everything labeled for a certain sandwich or salad. Or do you have to remember everything single item that goes on a sandwich or salad
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I would imagine there are guides to help you: an eatery would prefer their sandwich people make the food correctly.

You can ask when you start. Good luck and congrats on the new job!
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Below are employee reviews, pros and cons, of working at Panera Bread making sandwiches. Good Luck!

Panera BreadSandwich Line Worker in Roseville, MI: (Past Employee - 2012)
“Terrible for Training”
Probably the only positive thing about working there would be the 65% discount. And also they didn't do drug testing (which was surprising to me) but some may like that information!

They ask you where you want to work in there like cashier or sandwich line and then they put you somewhere totally different when you get hired. Very unprofessional to offer someone a job over the phone and not even tell the person how much they are going to be making! And there is definitely not enough training. My first day there I was on the computer for like 3 hours watching videos and then put immediately on the sandwich line for lunch by myself. I handled it well, but I didn't like it at all. I know the one I worked at had issues with call-ins so the managers had to do all of the grunt work also. Too much hostility there. They have people "training" that aren't 'certified' trainers and the ones that are considered "trainers" couldn't train someone to save their life. Cashiers are ringing people up for stuff that can't even be made--communication is terrible. And having meetings that last until almost 10 PM and scheduling people to be there at 5 AM isn't exactly good management.

Panera BreadAssociate in Minneapolis, MN: (Current Employee)
“It's a decent high school/college job”
- Flexible hours
- Not too hard
- Fun people

- pay is low
- Some really early mornings
- no holiday pay

Panera BreadCashier in Winter Park, FL: (Current Employee)
“overall great place to work, although major scheduling issues”
management is efficient while running shifts, clean and healthy place to work, 50% discount on food items, laid-back atmosphere, enjoyable coworkers, fun talking with the regulars,
may not get enough hours, sometimes only working 4-hour shifts. may get sent home early if it's slow. too much is asked of each employee- i can't be having everything looking good right after a rush slows down. if you have a problem the managers aren't open to discuss it- on multiple occasions when i've told the GM that i needed to talk with him about something he left early that day without saying anything more to me about it. it takes too long to get direct deposit going (3 paycheck periods). raises take too long to go into affect (3 pay periods). need to "greet" the customers as they each come in, most don't even notice... basically all the things that most retail/food places do that they THINK is working really isn't. you're often criticized for not having things perfect which isn't realistic

Panera BreadCashier/Prep/Line: (Current Employee)“Went downhill FAST.”…