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Jonathan Pla

Why Spain?

The reason why Spain was the choice I made for my first destination away, first off, is because I found out that it exists. On the other hand, I have had thoughts of Spain in my head for many years now. I have researched, googled, stumbledupon, “facebooked” and even started to buy travel magazines and read the times travel section in the mornings. When you’ve been saying something for more than a while I think its time it needs to get done. Not to mention all of the research and time I have put into making this happen. I am originally looking forward to a semester away in the fall or spring, but then I found queens college’s Bilbao/Getxo summer session and I told myself I couldn’t let this pass along and that it was perfect for my first experience. This way I am able to get credit(s) for what matters and still gain the experience that I need. The whole point is to closely observe different cultures and gain knowledge from their traditions and beliefs for the like, and ourselves, or how else would be able to interconnect and profit from each other ethically.
I am planning on majoring with an international business degree and I was planning this out for a semester abroad somewhere either in Europe or Japan. I am being hesitant, I have never left for so long and I want to know what it feels like because it will probably be what I am committing to doing for the rest of my life, living amongst others hopefully teaching and definitely learning. The courses that you provide for this program are different in my school but I still have to take the prerequisites anyway for my major. I am very responsible, intuitive, open minded and laidback. I am a quick learner and fun to be…