Why Students Dress Differently For College

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College is one of the most exciting places anyone can experience. There are many different cultures, languages, and beliefs in this environment of higher education. Most college students express themselves in their attire. Their clothing reflects them and gives off a unique picture of their personality. There are so many motives why students dress differently for college. College students tend to dress according to the weather, their emotions, comfort, and for business. First, the weather plays a huge part in the decision about their choice of dress. Many of the students use warm and hot days to wear the least amount of clothes to class. These students are called the seductive students. Very hot days tend to be the most controversial, because most of the seductive students tend to wear short dresses, tight pants or short shorts. Even in the winter months, there style of dress rarely changes. Usually, a heavy coat covers the revealing clothing underneath. These students enjoy the attention that their clothing states. Showing off their body, is the way they express themselves. …show more content…
Many students will dress for the mood they are in for that particular day. These students are called the mood children. Black seems to be the preferred choice of clothing when a student is feeling down or depressed, while bright colorful clothing tends to reflect a happier student. The eccentric student uses his or her clothing to make a bold statement, a point, or a controversial expression. Highly emotional students seem to be in a tornado when picking out their clothing for classes. They tend to not care about the way they look because it is not the most important thing on their mind. Their clothing choice reflects someone who looks like he or she threw on something hastily or the first thing he or she grabbed out of the