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Why Teach? Why Teach? That’s a great question! I didn’t come to the conclusion that I wanted to be a teacher until after I had already finished my AA in college. My father manages a large construction company in Tampa, and it was always assumed that I would step in as his engineer when I finished school. I had a passion for engineering while in high school. We were one of very few school in the United States to offer a four year engineering course, and I was so very lucky to have it. So when college started, that was my goal. It wasn’t until my third try at Calculus that I realized, it just was not going to happen for me. So I took a semester off, bought a house and thought long and very hard about what my next move was going to be. I choose teaching! I have always had an unspoken love for children. I love the way the think, and the way they allow their imaginations to run wild. I love the way to thrive to learn something new, and the way they can be influenced. I thought back about the teachers I had in grammar school, and thought about the way they influenced me. The instructors I had in elementary school were very attentive and passionate, and that’s the type of person I want to become. I want to teach students because I believe it will make me a better person, and because I think I would make them better people as well. I dream now of inspiring children to want to learn, and enhance themselves. I want my students to have fun and enjoy coming to class unlike the mass