Why Teenagers Should Not Date Seriously When They Are in High School Essay

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Teenagers should not date seriously while they are in high school

Cila Zheng

Most people have the experience of dating. The feeling of fall in love is wonderful. But teenagers should not date seriously while they are in high school due to dating will cost a lot of time so it can affect the study , it is too young for teenagers to have a relationship in high school and they cannot take the responsibility for others.

First of all, dating usually cost a lot of time , so it will affect the study. Love needs operation. People who fall in love are always busier than the single one. If somebody has a girlfriend, he will always stay with her, say some sweet talk, spend time to think of how to celebrate the anniversary between them. But for teenagers, the most important thing to do in high school is study. Naturally, when someone put more energy and time on dating, there will have a decline in his academic performance. For example couples always like to texting or have a phone call. Sometimes they even text messages to the mid night. Accordingly the will not have enough sleep, they will feel tired on the second day so they cannot have a good concentration on class. Therefore there will be a vicious circle on them. After a period of time when they recognize their situation probably it is already late. Thus it can be seen that dating really have a bad impact on study .
Secondly, it is too young for teenagers to have a relationship in high school. The values of teenagers have not been established completely while they are in high school, and they are not mature enough too. Most of them do not know which kind of people is more suitable for them, they always want to find the “right person” or the “idea match” . And because of their immature mentality, they will get hurt easily especially when they break up. Then this might lead to some unwanted result. Teenagers also cannot guarantee anything, they do not have a economic sources, their future is unknown and full of possibilities .So that their love is very fragile. Otherwise than adult can see things more clearly, due to the experience they had while growing up. People will meet more people who probably have more in common or who is more suitable for the relationship in