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January 25, 2015
Why the audience love’s Geoffrey Chaucer
In the movie A Knight’s Tale
, directed by Brian Still, Geoffrey Chaucer uses his writing experience to produce very entertaining speeches. His quirky and unpredictable personality truly makes him one of a kind when it comes to entertaining an audience.
The tone of his voice makes people become enthralled by what he is saying. His wide variety of skill makes him appeal to both the noble and common man. his skillful use of ethos, pathos, and logos entertains everybody that watches,
Geoffrey Chaucer (Paul Bettany), an often naked unknown writer and compulsive gambler who befriends William on his journey, dazzles the crowd with his glowing introductions. Of the three appeals, Chaucer is most skilled in using pathos. He makes great use of people’s emotions by preaching far­fetched stories of sir Ulrich Von
Lichtenstein. He says, “I first met him atop a mountain near Jerusalem, Praying to God,
Asking His forgiveness, For the Saracen blood spilt by his sword.” Clearly an untrue story but because of his ability to share emotions with others, this causes the crowd to raise in applause. Another instance where he displays his skill with pathos is during his final speech. He says, “For I would lay rest......the grace in my tongue......and speak plain. Days like these......are far too rare to cheapen with heavy­handed words.” He did not have to say much to really make you feel his emotion. To get the dramatic effect, he

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uses poetic dialect to make his passionate words felt. His use of pathos in his speeches are tremendously effective in capturing the audience’s emotions.
His use of ethos is also one of his great attributes as a speaker. He identifies himself as an educated writer who has an unfortunate gambling problem. With the help of William he overcomes his financial issues and becomes the herald of Sir Ulrich. You wouldn’t need any proof to see that Chaucer is a well educated man. He dresses with fashion and has no fear of public speech. These traits give him the credibility to speak words and have others listen with intent: “The Protector of Italian Virginity. The Lance that thrilled France......the Harasser of Paraser! He gave them hell at La Rochelle! The
Enforcer of our Lord God! The one, the only......Sir Ulrich......von Lichtenstein!” He uses events that actually happened to prove to the audience that what he is declaring is true.
Because of the victories Sir Ulrich has earned, the people believe what Chaucer is declaring. His skill of using pathos is just another helpful attribute that Chaucer has mastered. His skillful use of logos in his speech helps Sir Ulrich become portrayed as a hero. While praising sir Ulrich’s name he proclaims “And with no more ado, I give to you the Seeker of Serenity, The Protector of Italian Virginity, The Enforcer of our Lord God,
The One ­­ The Only ­­ Sir Ulrich Von Lichtenstein!!!” He is able to incorporate logos effectively into his speech. By using Sir Ulrich’s name at the end of a meaningful statement, he is advertising his name to the people. He again advertises Sir Ulrich after becoming the sword champion: “Behold my Lord Ulrich!|The rock! The hard place! Like a wind from Gelderland,he sweeps by! Blown far from his homeland in search of glory

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and honor! We walk in the garden of his turbulence!”