Essay on Why The Grass Grows

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“Why The Grass Grows” In the middle of nowhere, a large, wood cracked house stood alone in the desert. A family of three surrounded by only dirt and humidity in the house. Barilla the mother, and child, Henrth, lived in the house together. The husband had died 8 years ago of a heart attack in bed on a winter’s morning. The family has never left the house ever since they first moved there. No one was allowed to leave the house, or even touch the ground outside. “Henrth! Get away from that door! You know you can’t go outside!” exclaimed Barilla. “Mom, relax will you! What is so bad about the outside world? Haven’t you heard about getting fresh air?” said Henrth. Years ago, Barilla read stories about how stepping outside makes the human body extremely sick of a very high fever of 110 degree. “Mom!” Shouted Henrth. “In life we need to take chances. We have kept our food and water stored in the basement for years. Sooner or later we are going to run out and then we will die of starvation and dehydration! We shouldn’t let some random story created years ago get to our heads; especially when it could be false.” Barilla with a disgusted look stared at Henrth and replied, “Go ahead then.” Henrth nods his head and opens the front door. As the mother stares at him from inside, Henrth makes his way down the front porch. The soles of Henrth’s feet began to touch the earth’s ground. Henrth walked around the house with gentle footsteps. Minutes later, he began to see a track of green following his footsteps. Henrth thought he was going to get sick and not be able to make it back inside the house. As he started to walk away from the green colored ground, more followed him. He did not know what to do. Stationed he was, the green colored substance below his feet began to grow high. Henrth had jumped up and landed on the green substance with a hard pounding. The growing had stopped. “Hm? Could it be that with light footsteps the green grows? And heavy footsteps the green stops growing and shrinks?” Questioning himself. Henrth began to experiment by walking gently on the ground, then stomping on the ground. The