Why The Leading Brand Should Be Considered To Have The Best Products For Their Customers?

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Why the leading brand should to be considered to have the best products for their customers? A case study on MacDonald’s.

In the marketing community, there is big question in the marketers and the consumers concerning leading brands and the products they offer. Many question whether leading brands should be thought to offer the customers best product or otherwise. The most trustworthy brands may not have the biggest sales or market share but they have developed and created a long life relationship with its consumers through experiences that trigger a visceral response. This makes the customer to believe that the brand delivers or offer those best products. Brand is building emotional relationships with consumers because brands are powerful (Kotler and Pfoertsch, Waldemar, 2006).
The marketing community is struggling with two schools of thought. One is focused on product while the other is focused on brands. The proponents of product believe that having best products wins in every marketing battle, while the brand proponents believe that having leading brands wins the ultimate marketing battle because leading brand automatically have best products. It is not convincing enough that the brand can be better than the product, but with the perception, then it becomes possible to believe that the brand is more important than products. Understanding that there is no better product or better brand but superior perceptions in the minds of the consumers make one to appreciate that leading brand provided best products. The perceptions customer has about of McDonald’s brand as the best makes them to buy its products repeatedly.

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McDonald is the leading global food service retailer with more than 3600 local restaurants providing service to over 69 million people across the globe. 80% of the McDonald’s restaurants are operated and privately owned by independent local business men and women. The company, franchisees and suppliers has been key to McDonalds the business model helps the company to consistently deliver locally relevant restaurant experience to customers and be integral part of the communities it serves. The company was started in 1955 and it has continued to serve the world with some favourite food products ( Kotler and Pfoertsch, Waldemar, 2006). This research paper is focused on investigating why leading brands should be considered to have the best products for their customers. The research will focus on identifying the leading brand and then determine if they are the ones that provide superior products to their customers.
Rational for the research
This research is important because it will help them to make decisions on making decisions how to develop brand that would provide the customers with superior products. Understanding why the leading brands should be considered to have the best products for its customers will help the organization develop best products. Although there is no superior product or superior brand, customer perception plays a big role in determining their purchase decisions.
The aim of this research is to determine why leading brands should be considered to have the best products for its customers. The research will be focused on establishing if leading brands indeed provide the customers with the best products.

3. Research Objective
To achieve the above goal, the following objectives were selected
To determine if