Why the Nazis Were Successful Essay

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Why the Nazis Were Successful
Is there a time in your life you can think back to, when someone remained silent at your expense? Well, you may be able to relate in some way to what many Jews, and other groups that were persecuted by the Nazis, felt during the Holocaust. At the time before the Holocaust, the world was going through “The Great Depression” and the German’s were in dire need of a good leader. Hitler chose to feed off of the people’s need for change, and used this depression to show that the current government was not working in order to put himself and his people into office. Once in office, Hitler persuaded the people and the government in certain ways that can explain why the Nazis were successful in taking so many lives during the Holocaust.
To begin, propaganda was the largest part of the Nazis success from the very start. Propaganda is a form of communication that is aimed at influencing the attitude of a community toward some cause or position; any speeches or published articles that could persuade the Aryan people to persecute the Jews. Before Hitler came into power he started out leading a group called the “German Worker’s Party”. He believed that this party could help him achieve his end goal politically. Of course, his blossoming hatred of the Jews became a part of the organization’s political platform, and he built up this small group into an actual political party. The first example of propaganda used in aiding the Nazis, were the advertisements for the German Worker’s Party meetings that appeared in anti-Semitic newspapers. Then, Hitler delivered his first big speech with such emotion, and such confidence, that with his captivating words he won over the minds of hundreds of Germans. As soon as Hitler was in power, a wide variety of anti-Semitic propaganda was spread through the media. The radio was probably the most useful tool to the Nazis. A large majority of German households had radios, and radio broadcasts were also played over loudspeakers in public places and workplaces. Another large part of propaganda was the posters, discriminating Jews and warnings for all those