Why the Placebo? Essay

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Why the Placebo?

Before I’ll start explaining the point of this essay, I’d like you to be aware, my gentle reader, that some information revealed in this work could rapidly worsen your health. If every prescribed antibiotics, swallowed aspirins or pharmacy knows what else, means to you the only gizmos against all your sicknesses, then perhaps you should stop reading this right now, since the health of every human is sacred to me. Nevertheless, if you reached these words and despite my warning your curiosity is still eager for what is written inside the paper, I’d like to reveal to you, curious reader my conviction why placebo, the medicine which is against the medical ethic, is undeniably essential for our better health as the medicine itself.

Placebo as a substance which doesn’t consist the active drug, but looks and smells identically, is a controversial method of treatment at nowadays medicine. However, I found the present medicine as misbalance between an ascendancy of irresponsible use of medicaments and common sense. It leads to the issue, where placebo is the most relevant and gentle solution for us. Still keep on mind, my gentle reader that a placebo works in case that sickness is not severe and treatable! And before I’ll present the core of the issue, I’d like to remark upon one passage from the bible which I want you, my gentle reader to hold on your mind until I will reveal the relevance of it later; “salt is good; but if the salt loses its saltiness, how will you season it?” Mark 9:50. A placebo is getting more critical for our better health, as our society stretches occasions for usage of pharmaceutics medicaments. The study published in the journal “Thursday’s New England Journal of Medicine” found that doctors in the United States are handing out to 4 out of 5 Americans too many prescriptions for antibiotics. It is true that pharmaceutical dominions over centuries have successfully behaved us to be spoiled in term of pain. When we sense even the smallest undertone of sickness, our hands immediately spearheading toward a closest doze of our biggest caliber in our personal medical inventory. Sure, at some point it could be really the final solution to use the proper medicine, but hands on our hearths; how many times we have had used medicine because there really wasn’t any other way?
Unfortunately, an irresponsible usage has its own price. Scientists from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CFDCP) states that overuse of such medicaments, as well as taking them for wrong reasons, are why most of medicines losing their punch and making infections way harder to treat. (Thursday’s) On top of that, CFDCP is already tracking over 20 strains of bacteria which became resistant to a modern antibiotics. Frankly, it reminds me Pyrrhic win; people are using more powerful medicaments, in order to treat less severe sicknesses, hence medicaments are getting jeopardized because it loses its efficiency and consequently infections are becoming more resistant and dangerous for our well-being.
Now I would like to brush up Mark’s passage again “salt is good; but if the salt loses its saltiness, how will you season it?” and paraphrase it into our issue; “medicine is good: but if the medicine loses its treatness, how will you cure it?” If we will persistently use medicine for wrong reasons, the Pyrrhic win will continue and medicaments will lose their efficiency with fighting infections. Although we can’t force people to stop use medicaments for wrong reasons since it is their right to do so, we can apply a placebo and repeal the phantom menace of the use issue. A placebo as a substitute without the active drug, cannot intervene anyhow with the real medicine which would be used in future, however patient will have a sense that he is using desiring medicine with powerful outcomes. In term of efficiency of a placebo, we have to understand that any pharmaceutical medicament for not severe illnesses is