Why the Republican Party Should Turn to the Tea Party. Essay

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Why the Republican Party should turn to the TEA party.
Much is being made about the second consecutive Republican defeat in the US presidential elections. The nature of the defeat, which even after four difficult Obama years in office with unemployment figures at record levels Mitt Romney wasn’t able to secure the 270 electoral college votes required to secure office. Romney was proposing a fiscally conservative policy towards the all important US economy as he proposed 20% universal tax cuts and 12 million more jobs for US citizens. At the start of the campaign many were predicting a Romney win after the Republican Party took control of the House of Representatives in 2010 and many people were clearly angry and disappointed in Obama, particularly after his bloated 2008 rhetoric which proved to be rather empty and his weak economic record- the National debt rising over $15 Trillion, average debt for individuals rising by $13,986 and 6.4 million more Americans in poverty. However, ultimately Romney didn’t do enough to swing enough of the American population to support his cause over Barrack Obama. His bi-partisan appeal meant that Romney couldn’t rely on a strong core of voters. To appease the social conservatives he promised to repeal large sections of Obama’s healthcare Bill and to weaken Labour Unions. However he almost contradictory bided for Women and Independents by promising cooperation with the Democrats from day 1 in office if he were to be elected. It is these polarizing priorities that really highlighted the weaknesses of selecting a candidate such as Romney. Many analysts are even claiming that even after Obama’s disappointing years in office it’s the Republican Party which is in turmoil about direction. This has largely been credited largely down to the demographic shifts within the US. In fact every year 600 000 Hispanics within America are becoming eligible age to vote. More babies this year in America will be born to minorities than whites. It is also forecasted that by 2042 whites in America will become a minority. When we compare the election results of 2012 this spells serious danger to the future of the Republican Party. 69% of Hispanics and 93% of Blacks voted for Obama, swinging the key states of Colorado, Virginia and Ohio in his favour. A dilemma is now occurring within the Republican Party on what identity it has. The TEA (reference to the British tax on tea in the 18th century) party movement is a right wing movement which advocates that the ideals and principles of the US constitution should be conserved, the reduction of taxes and a balanced Federal budget. The organisation also takes a strong stance on moral issues, defending pro-life movements and associating themselves with the evangelical groups. The TEA is re-energizing the GOP (Grand Old Party, a nickname of the Republican Party) at a grassroots level and is reminding them of the ideals and beliefs of what the Party is based on. The TEA party represents that passion within America for conservatism is still strong and significant even though the Liberal media love to highlight that conservatism is on the wane. Weak, less-ideological, Republicans would argue that they shouldn’t continue to alienate the minorities, particularly with their greater and greater significance on the electoral scene. These more moderate Republicans argue that the party can still modernize without having to reject it core ideals of promoting small business, strong foreign policy and reducing government bureaucracy. It is a common misconception that US presidential election is decided by a small sliver of independent voters. Instead it is about rallying party support and getting people out to vote is how candidates win office. Voter turnout in 2012, 57.5% was lower than 2008, 62.3% and even 2004, 60.4%. Thus you can argue that if the Republican Party elects Marco Rubio, often called the Crown Prince of the TEA Party, to represent them in 2016 he